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Tons of Rock works actively to ensure that everyone who wants to, can participate at the festival. We do this by ensuring that the area is accessible and by giving free entry to a companion on presentation of a carer certificate.

We have created a separate accessibility map to make it easier for you with any functional variations to plan your visit to the festival. This map is stripped of a lot of general information, but you can find that on the official arena map.

Tons of Rock is located on Ekebergsletta and the surface here is mainly grass. There will be a slightly varied surface as it is precisely grass, but fortunately there are not too many differences in slope. If it rains a lot, it can get a bit muddy on busy routes, but we try as best we can to deal with this along the way, so that it will be easy for everyone to get around on the plain.

Although it is not marked on any map, there is plenty of seating at the festival, both inside the Barcade tent and distributed around the plain.

1. Tickets and accreditation

Here you exchange your ticket for a band. There are separate ramps with plating for easy access with, for example, a wheelchair. In the Akkrediteringsboden you can pick up Solsikke products such as bracelets, cords and pins. These products are free and available while stocks last.

There is also a separate lock at the entrance to the festival for those with functional variations.

2. Information booth

Here you will get answers to questions you might have about the festival, such as maps and playing times. Sunflower products such as bracelets, cords and pins can be obtained for free here. These products are free and available while stocks last.

3. The Sun

This year we have created a separate area around the HC ramp at the Scream Stage and it has been named The Sun after Edvard Munch's work. The area is staffed by our fantastic accessibility hosts from Aurora Verksted and they will wear black t-shirts with turquoise writing and will be there to answer questions about accessibility at the festival.

The Sun area of ​​160 square meters is fenced and here you will find a 50 square meter ramp that has been decorated by a creative team from Aurora Verksted, a HC toilet, some tables and bench sets and some earplugs for those who need a time-out. The area is primarily for those with HC certificates, but companions are of course welcome if there is capacity. It is not allowed to stand on the HC ramp, so if you are not in a wheelchair, you must use the chairs that are there. If you do not have an HC certificate, but for example an invisible functional variation, you can contact the accessibility hosts in the area and they will make an assessment as to whether there is capacity. 

The location of this and the ramps connected to the other stages is for both production and arena technical reasons. It is important that the ramps are placed in a way that makes it easy to get to with a wheelchair, especially when there are large concerts and many people in front of the stage. 

If you have any reviews, tips or wishes for this year's or future Tons of Rock, you are welcome to report this to our accessibility hosts.

4. VIP grandstand

This year, as in the past, we have stands in the VIP area. Here you can enjoy a breath of fresh air, while you have a fantastic view of the main stage. The grandstands have stairs and are therefore unfortunately not accessible if you are dependent on a wheelchair.

5. Blind Spot

There is one area of ​​the festival that has absolutely fantastic sound but zero views and that is the space behind the delay towers. This year we are fencing off this area and setting up tables and bench sets, so that those who are blind or visually impaired. Here you will be able to enjoy the concert with the festival's best sound, completely without crowds. Your companion is of course also welcome inside.

6. Hammocks

If you need a little breather on the ground or to rest your back a bit, we can recommend the Tons of Chill hammock rig. It is located behind the Moonlight Stage, towards the forest, so when there is a concert on the main stage, this will be a suitable place to recharge the batteries.

Caretaker information

If you are going to bring a caretaker to the festival, they must be registered via a separate form. The registration is now closed.

  • Choose which ticket you have so that your carer gets the same as you. If you have a VIP ticket, your carer will also get this ticket.

  • Picture of the carer certificate must be uploaded in the form. 

  • If you are going to have different carers on the different days, you must tick this box in the form. In such cases, a new wristband is issued to the carer every day.

  • Both you and your companion must be present when you collect the wristband.

  • Remember to bring your carer certificate with you when you arrive at the festival.


There are very limited parking spaces adjacent to the festival area. The few parking spaces that are available will be prioritized for HC parking. If you need HC parking, you can contact to buy a parking ticket.

There is only 160 meters in airway from ticket stalls to the HC-parking.

Note! Places are limited. When it is sold out, there is unfortunately no option for HC parking.

Food and allergies

At Tons of Rock you will find a wide selection of food and drinks. We have options for both vegetarian, vegan and various allergies. All food stalls and dishes must be marked with different allergies.

Solsikkeprogrammet (Sunflower program)

Tons of Rock is a member of Solskikkeprogrammet!

The sunflower is a symbol people with invisible disabilities can wear to signal that they need extra support or more time. 

At a festival with so many guests, standing in long queues and being among large crowds can be demanding for people with an invisible disability. Everyone who works at Tons of Rock is trained in what the Sunflower means and how to handle a guest wearing this symbol, whether it's by allowing the guest to use the HC lock in the entrance or offering extra support in the queue. 

You can get free Solsikke products from us. We have wristbands, pins and lanyards, which you can pick up at The Sun, in the info booth inside the festival or in the Accreditation booth at the main entrance. These products are free and available while stocks last.