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We can finally offer a volunteer camp!

The autumn has been spent working on getting hold of new areas where both the public and volunteers can spend the night, and now we can share the news that Bjerke Travbane will be turned into a festival camp for Tons of Rock 2024!

Places will be reserved for volunteers here. Although we now have room for more volunteers than before, there is still a limited number of places, and registration will be available around March.

The volunteer camp will be a quiet camp and rules about quiet hours must be observed.

Ekeberg Camping will still be part of our festival camp, but to stay there you have to buy a ticket yourself. There will be a limited number of places which can be purchased via a closed link at a reduced price for volunteers. This will be sent out in the spring for the volunteers who are registered and approved.

There will therefore be two options for you who volunteer in 2024:

Either you can stay at the volunteer camp at Bjerke or you can buy a place at the Ekeberg festival camp. 

Note that there is a limited number of places at both camps, but we hope that this extended offer will mean that even more visiting volunteers will have the opportunity to spend the night.

NOTE: Both Festivalcamp Ekeberg and Festivalcamp Bjerke close on Sunday 30th of June. If you have shifts after the festival, you must arrange accommodation yourself.

If you want to make use of the free volunteer camp at Festivalcamp Bjerke or plan to buy a ticket at a discounted price at Festivalcamp Ekeberg, you can just sit back and wait for more information after the New Year.

Les mer om festivalcampene her