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To work as a volunteer with us, you must read this information and confirm that you have understood the conditions.

You must have turned 18 by the festival (26th of June 2024).
You have to work 3 shifts before or 2 shifts during the festival.
You must show up for all your scheduled shifts, at the agreed time and work the entire shift.
You must be sober while at work.
You must wear the volunteer t-shirt you are given. Remember that this must be taken off as soon as you have finished work. You get to keep it, but you can't wear it while on the festival grounds when you're not at work.
You must be reliable and willing to work, and accept messages from your supervisor.

You get a festival pass. This is personal and cannot be transferred to others.
You get one meal per shift.
You will receive a volunteer t-shirt.
You get a goodie bag.
You will receive an invitation to the Tons of Rock After Party in the autumn, as well as other benefits here and there during the year.
You will receive a certificate of completed work tasks (send an email to after the festival).

If something comes up that prevents you from working one or more of your shifts, we must be notified. You do this by informing either the staffing department or your own group leader as soon as possible. The telephone number for the staffing department as well as contact information for your group leader will be given out closer to the festival.

IMPORTANT! If you collect a festival pass without working all your shifts, you will be billed for the price of a festival pass. This means that if you pick up a festival pass without attending all your shifts, and also cannot present a doctor's certificate, you will be invoiced after the festival.

As far as possible, you will be placed in the department you want to work in. However, during your working day, unforeseen things may arise that mean you will be needed in another department. It may therefore happen that you will be moved to other work areas for a certain period to assist where it is most needed. This is obviously something we work to avoid, but it is important that all volunteers are open to collaborating and stepping in where needed (unless there is something special that prevents this, of course).

Photos will be taken during both set-up and the festival days. By signing up as a volunteer, you agree to Tons of Rock using pictures of you for promotional purposes.