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Seigmen to Tons of Rock!

One of Norway's most distinctive rock bands for 35 years - legendary Seigmen guests Ekeberg and Tons of Rock in 2024.

Seigmen from Tønsberg has been a total supplier of heavy, magnificent and captivating melancholy since 1989. In 2024, it will be 30 years since the band's breakthrough with the cover version of deLillo's "Hjernen er alene" and the subsequent third album "Total", where they really hatched the sound that established Seigmen as one of the country's most characteristic and popular rock bands.

The list of achievements from there on is long: Seigmen won the Spellemann prize for rock already in the mid-nineties with the classic album "Metropolis". In 2008, they became the first Norwegian band to be invited to play at the Opera. In 2021, guitarist and vocalist Marius Roth Christensen made a solid effort in "Stjernekamp". They have even won Vestfold municipality's artist prize!

Now they finally come to Ekeberg and Tons of Rock. And not only that:
They also have new music on the way.

— It is a pleasure to be able to say that we are now putting the finishing touches on a new album, "Resonance", which has been given a release date of 12 April 2024. The impatient can look forward to the first single, which will be released as early as 15 November, says Seigmen.

Seigmen are known for their large and dedicated fan base who have not forgotten that "fans" is short for "fanatics". We expect to see quite a few logo tattoos in the sea of people when Seigmen brings their uniquely heavy, grand melancholy to Tons of Rocks' tenth anniversary at Ekeberg in June!