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Welcome to Tons of Rock festivalcamp - live comfortably, with easy access to the festival

  • Available camping tickets at Festivalcamp Bjerke - both tents, caravan and MC
  • Festivalbuss directly to the festival from the camping
  • Easy access to the festival and city center Ruter (buses)
  • All fasilities at the camping area
  • Food and beverage at the camping

Bjerke Travbane is turned into Tons of Rock Festival camp Bjerke - from Tuesday afternoon 25th of June to Sunday 30th of June. The campsite is located by Bjerke Travbane, approx. close to public transport. All facilities such as toilets, showers, kiosks and breakfast offers will be set up. You are allowed to bring food and sealed alcohol into the area.

The festival camp will be fenced off for security reasons and everyone who wants to have access to Festival camp Bjerke must buy a personal ticket in advance via Ticketmaster. There will be access control to the camp throughout the festival period.

Check-in starts on Tuesday 25th of June at 13:00 and check-out from the campsite is no later than 12:00 Sunday 30th of June. 

There is an age limit of 18 years in the entire camp area.

Power: 1 x16a/230v power outlet is included when you buy a space ticket for a motorhome, caravan or bus.

NB! You must bring your own 25m extension cord to connect to the power.

It will be possible to park cars at Festival camp Bjerke. A separate ticket must be purchased for this.


When you buy a ticket on Ticketmaster, you choose which camping and which category you want to buy (tent, motorhome, bus.). It is therefore important that you read this information before buying a ticket at the campsite.


Everyone staying at the campsite must have their own personal ticket. The personal ticket gives personal access to Festival camp Bjerke.


1 pass applies to 3.5 x 3.5m. It is not possible to exceed this area.


Applies to motorhomes up to a maximum of 10 metres. This includes 1 16a/230v power outlet. NB! You must bring a 25m extension cord with you to connect to our power grid.


The MC-camp is placed together with the motorhome and busses, and will not have a separate area. The motorcycle is parked next to the tent.


Applies to vehicles over 10 meters in length. This includes 1 16a/230v power outlet. NB! You must bring a 25m extension cord with you to connect to our power grid.



There will be direct buses between Festivalcamp Bjerke and Tons of Rock at Ekeberg in collaboration with our partner Sharebus. You may buy daypass for 150,- NOK or weekpass for 500 NOK. Buy busticket HER
  • Departure from Festivalcamp Bjerke: 11.00 / 12.00 / 13.00 / 14.00
  • Return from festival: 23.00 / 23.30 / 24.00
You may also use busline 31 and 23.
  • Bus 31 (5 min to walk from camping area) down to Oslo Center, Direct buss from Jernbanetorget to Tons of Rock (estimated travel time 45 min).
  • Bus 23 (20 min to walk from camping area) to Simensbråten/Ekeberg (estimated travel time 45 min).
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