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Volunteer FAQ

Here we have collected all the frequently asked questions from volunteers.

All information is communicated by email to volunteers. We also have a separate Facebook group for all volunteers.

General questions

You send an e-mail to This must be done as soon as you know that you cannot work as a volunteer.

Yes, read information about camps for volunteers here

There is an age limit of 18 to work as a volunteer with us.

You get a festival pass (4 days), a volunteer t-shirt, goodie bag, one meal per shift and a certificate of work completed.

No, you get one (1) festival pass for the work you do. This can only be used by yourself, and you cannot give it to others. You also cannot split the festival pass into day passes.

This can be collected at the main entrance during the festival.

The accreditation office is open 09:00-23:00 during the festival.

No, you receive one (1) festival pass as a volunteer with us. This is personal and cannot be given away, nor can it be divided into several day passes.


You will receive an email with a personal link where you can choose your shifts when you have been approved as a volunteer.

Remember that you must work 3 shifts before the festival or 2 shifts during the festival.

You choose the shifts you will actually work. You should therefore not choose all the possible shifts you want to work, only the 2 or 3 shifts you will actually work.

We would like to remind you that popular shifts can fill up quickly and we therefore recommend arriving early if you have specific shifts that you want to work. We do not have a waiting list for shifts, so if a shift becomes full, you will have to choose another shift.

If you want to work more shifts than what is required, you send an email to after you have set up the shifts you are required to work.

You must work either 3 shifts before (set-up) or 2 shifts during the festival. We have the greatest need for volunteers during the festival.

Then you have to send an email to and we will try our best to help you.

You choose yourself from the link in the email that is sent out. To secure the shift you want, you must be early when the rosters are sent out. Some shifts are more popular than others, or need few people and thus fill up quickly.

It varies from department to department, but each shift lasts about 8 hours.

No. Most shifts are set up so that they overlap by at least 1-2 hours. Thus, it is not possible to work 2 full shifts in one day.

No. It is not possible for us to keep track of this, so if a shift is full, you must choose another.

If you want to work with one or more friends, you must ensure that you choose the same shifts.

During the festival

If something comes up that prevents you from working one or more of your shifts, we must be notified. You do this by informing either the staffing department or your own group leader as soon as possible. The telephone number for the staffing department as well as contact information for your group leader will be given out closer to the festival.

IMPORTANT! If you collect a festival pass without working all your shifts, you will be billed for the price of a festival pass. This means that if you pick up a festival pass without attending all your shifts, and also cannot present a doctor's certificate, you will be invoiced after the festival.

Yes, you get a break so you can get to the catering area, eat food and relax a bit. The break is not meant for you to be able to walk around and watch concerts, this must be done when you are not set up for a shift.

Yes, you get 1 meal per shift you work. Water is always available both in the catering area and from water stations around the festival area. In addition, the wellbeing patrol sets up various depots with fruit, snacks, water and coffee near the various work areas.

You only get one volunteer shirt when you are at work. However, we have volunteer shirts from previous years that you can get at check-in if you wish.

If you need to bring your own personal protective equipment, you will be told about it by your head of department when the festival approaches. We mostly have what you need, and you can bring your own if you wish.

We recommend that you bring a power bank. If not, you can buy a fully charged power bank at the festival site which can be exchanged when it is discharged for a new fully charged one (you only pay once and get to keep the power bank afterwards). It is not possible to charge in bars etc.

After the festival

You can get a certificate by sending an e-mail to after the festival is over.